How to deploy: Instructions to IT services

To deploy Dilato in a whole clinic or organisation, download the Dilato.exe file.
You can deploy either manually of through GPO (recommended).


Drop the Dilato.exe file in every user's profil in %User%\Desktop\Dilato.exe
(not in Public\Desktop\Dilato.exe).
Updates will be done automatically on every computer.

GPO (recommended):

Go to Windows server, Group Policy Management Editor.
After creating the Organizational unit (doctors, nurses...), Go in User Configuration,
Preferences, Windows Settings, Files, and drop the Dilato.exe file to be distributed
with the target %User%\Desktop (not Public\Desktop).
Don't use any link, just drop the file directly on the user's Desktop.

Now we need Dilato's updates to be done regularly:
Option 1 (the simpliest): Download the file DilatoUpdater.exe (or Win 64: DilatoUpdater64.exe)
and drop it in the same folder as Dilato.exe (the source which will be pushed through GPO).
Then you need to create a task that will launch DilatoUpdater.exe every 24 hours durint the night:
Task manager, "Action" menu, "Create new task". The task much run
every day (preferably during the night), and must launch the DilatoUpdater.exe program
(this program is set to download the new Dilato.exe and will overwrite the older version).
Option 2: If you do not want to use DilatoUpdater.exe, you can otherwise create
your own task which will download www.dilato.ca/maj/Dilato.exe every day (example of a VB script).

Need Dilato for Windows 64 bits? >>
(Note that the 32 bits version of Dilato normally works on Windows 64 bits,
but the opposite won't work.)