Advanced tips

Get more from your templates.
Here is how to boost your productivity with Dilato!

Use Dilato in your daily life, not just at work. Create a template with a shortcut for your email address: 

shortcut: ,@

4312 MyStreet, Montreal, H1H 1H1
shortcut: ,ad

Then you just have to type ,@ or ,ad follow by a space to insert those anywhere on your any website.

Create small templates for regularly used expressions:




family physician

Follow up if no improvement

follow up with family physician

Pneumologist referral

Physiotherapist referral

Carpal tunnel syndrom

Chest X-Ray

Knee X-Ray ❑ right side ❑ left side

You can remove the coma for quick shortcuts!

Quickly refer your patients to the right place. Create a template for the consultants you regularly refer patients to.

Referral to Dr Good Skin, dermatologist, SkinDerm Clinic, phone: 514-555-5555, fax 514-555-6666

Referral for Holter, TheOne Hospital, phone: 438-555-5555, fax 438-555-6666

The prescriptor in your EMR probably lets you make prescription manually.
Let’s use that to quickly print the request and give it to the patient.
You can also use that method to create a template of instructions that you print for your patient
(« You have acid reflux, here are things you can do to reduce symptoms…»)

Make a template for every frequent tasks for your nurse/staff:

Please call patient and tell him/her the result of the test is reassuring. Thanks!
shortcut: ,callnormal

Please call patient and tell him/her the thyroid is not well balanced. Provide counselling and fill request for labs TSH in 3 months. Thanks!
shortcut: ,callthyroid

The patient did not show for his appointment and did not call to cancel.
shortcut: ,noshow

Make templates as check lists for common investigations. Another low hemoglobin?

❑ CBC ❑ Ferritin ❑ Vitamin B12 ❑ TSH ❑ CRP ❑ Creatinine ❑ Reticulocytes 
❑ Anti-transglutaminase & IgA ❑ Bilirubin ❑ Haptoglobine ❑ Hb electrophoresis ❑ SPEP ❑ Blood smear
shortcut: ,labanemia

Use the ❑+ symbols to have pre-checked items or the ❑- symbols to have negatively pre-checked items:

Patient presents with flu-like symptoms for  days.
❑+ Fever
❑+ Muscle pain
❑ Cough
❑ Rhinorrhea
❑- Sore throat
❑- Headache
❑- SOB
❑- Vomiting
shortcut: ,hflu

You frequently prescribe the same bloc of prescriptions? Here are examples for H. Pylori packs:

Amoxil 1000mg po bid x 14d
Flagyl 500mg po bid x 14d
Biaxin 500mg po bid x 14d
Pantoloc 40mg po bid x 14d
shortcut: ,hppack1

Bismuth 2co po qid x 14d
Tetracycline 500mg po qid x 14d
Flagyl 500mg po qid x 14d
Pantoloc 40mg po bid x 14d
shortcut: ,hppack2

Amoxil 1000mg po bid x 14d
Levaquin 500mg po die x 14d
Pantoloc 40mg po bid x 14d
shortcut: ,hppack3

Amoxil 1000mg po bid x 10d
Rifabutine 150mg po bid x 10d
Pantoloc 40mg po bid x 10d
shortcut: ,hppack4

You don’t even have to remember the dose!